Soul Search Engine: till now...

From the Author of the Supernatural Cult Classic ``November Rain`` and the Bestselling Horror Novel ``The Prayer`` - comes a Masterpiece of spiritual quest spanning millions of lifetimes : The Greatest Friendship story ever told. Not since Jonathan Livingston Seagull has come a book of such power in so few pages.

There is nothing more beautiful in the world than a wistful smile. That's the smile of the mother on the threshold as she watches her son leave for the city to make his dreams come true. That's the smile of your best friend when he shakes your hand knowing you mightn't meet again in a lifetime. That's the smile of the One as She let herself go. Let Ego dissolve into Creation. That's the smile this book will bring to your lips when you close the last page.

I don't know what genre this book is, but it's perfect for a day with rain on the windows and coffee in your hands as you look out and wonder - 'Why do I feel so lonely?' A coming of age novel - of life itself. Even an atheist will have a spiritual experience.