For The Class of 2010

For The Class Of 2010 is subtitled A Handbook For The 21st Century Teenager. and there is a reason why! From the Author of the bestselling college classic ``November Rain``, the bone chilling ``The Prayer`` and the inspirational novel ``Soul Search Engine``; comes a book that will change the way a generation thinks. the first non-fiction Title from Al Raines, designed to look and feel like a CD will rock the first generation of this new millenium. Voices will be found. Paths will be found. And will be found the Zeitgist of the 21st Century. The Spirit Of The Age is here : are you ready to rock with Class MMX? FOR ALL YOU TEENAGERS OUT THERE... There has never been more young people at one time in one place in all of human history - may this book be your lighthouse when storms gather around your ship. And may you change our HISTORY for ALL TIME.